For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for animals. I received my first pet at the age of 5 which taught me about the humane treatment of animals and how all animals, pets or otherwise, should be treated with the same respect and nurturing that we give each other.

As a young child, I had several pets growing up. I would also care for the pets of my friends, family and neighbors.This gave me the opportunity to understand the responsibility of owning a pet and taking care of it just like you would a family member. I have experienced first hand with my own pets the risks involved while transporting them. They can easily become a distraction to you or to another driver. It’s this responsibility, combined with my passion for animals that led me to create The Pet Mover, South Florida’s most reliable pet transportation service. I realized that there is an urgent need for a safer means of transportation, that would also save pet owners the time of doing it themselves.

I believe that all pets are like children. If we are to treat them as such, we need to take precautionary measures to ensure their safety and comfort when transporting them to veterinary appointments, airport and other places our busy pets need to be. Just like children, we can’t have our pets running around inside our cars, it just isn’t safe; it’s for this reason that I urge pet owners everywhere to utilize specialized pet transportation services such as The Pet Mover.

My goal and the goal of The Pet Mover is to provide a safe, reliable and convenient service for all animal lovers and their fur babies.


Monica Gonzalez