Safely Transporting Your Fur Babies

Do you find it difficult to get your pet to and from vet appointments, day care or across town? It seems the busier people get the harder it is for them to get their pets from point A to point B. The Pet Mover provides safe, reliable transportation for your pets no matter where they need to go.

The Pet Mover Mission

The Pet Mover is South Florida’s reliable and trusted pet transportation service. It is our mission to ensure your pet is delivered in a comfortable and safe manner. We care about your pets as much as you do and we work hard to ensure they are happy and calm.That is our promise to you!

Our Compartments

The Pet Mover offers a safe, convenient alternative to transporting your pet yourself. Our vehicle is equipped with spacious individualized compartments made of durable Aluminum and stainless steel. The compartments offer safety, security and air-conditioned comfort. We’ll transport your pet the way we would transport our very own.

Service and Convenience

Our team has been tasked with providing the highest levels of service and support for our clients and their pets. With knowledge, experience and a pet-friendly attitude, we are able to achieve this goal and ensure every client’s complete satisfaction. Whether downtown, across town or anywhere else in town, you can count on us.

Contact The Pet Mover Today

To learn more about The Pet Mover and how our pet transportation services can help you with all your pet transportation needs, contact us today to 1-888-pet-4017. We will be happy to assist you.